Fast Track and Multiple Timesheets have Landed!


Fast track and mutliple timesheets have landed


Our brand new release of Clarity365 is now live and on it you can find two exciting new additions to revolutionise the way you enter timesheets in your business.

Introducing Fast Track and Multiple timesheets! Providing you with 4 different ways to enter your time, so whether you are in a rush, or want to enter a detail to your timesheet, you can. Ideal for employees and contractors, this update provides you with simple, fast timesheet submissions, enjoy.  

Fast Track Timesheets

Our Fast Track Timesheets mean you can add your weekly timesheets in a matter of seconds. No more hassle of completing multiple details, it really is as simple as ticking a box. Enter instant, assignable time cutting your submission process in half and giving you the option of billing your clients more quickly and efficiently, meaning you get paid faster!

Multiple Timesheets

Add up to 70 timesheets at once with our new Multiple Timesheets feature! Allowing you to assign timesheets for multiple customer, projects and contracts from one easy to use form. Just enter the number of hours you worked on each customer or project and we calculate the rest for you! Take the pain out of complicated timesheets and forget having to spend hours writing out individual claims for each customer or internal project you work on.



Are you ready to make the move to simpler, easier, online timesheets? Watch a preview of our brand new fast track and multiple timesheets above or try out the new features for yourself by taking a 30 day free, no obligation trial. If you have any questions or want to find out more contact our team.

Welcome to the timesheet revolution!


Paper vs Online Timesheets

Are you stuck trying to decide which is better? Join the discussion and click here to find out more about paper vs online timesheets and the pros and cons of both.


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