How to send a technical support ticket with Clarity365


All Clarity365 accounts include both our online chat and ticketed support.

Clarity365 administrators can submit a support ticket to us if technical support* is required. Submitting a support ticket is the quickest way to contact us or report an issue regarding our Clarity365 software.

When raising a support ticket, we ask you a series of questions so we can provide you with a resolution as quickly as possible. Simply follow the steps below: 


1. Access the support portal by typing into your web browser or simply click the link below:

If you are inside Clarity365 you can find a link on the footer of the portal – Submit a Support Ticket. You can also access the portal on our Clarity365 help site simply click ‘Contact Support’ on the homepage, or our online or mobile page, and select ‘Submit a Support Ticket’.


2.  Submit a ticket via the Data Clarity support portal

To submit a ticket click one of the following (indicated below by the blue arrows):

- 'Submit a Ticket' tab

- 'Add a Support Ticket' or

- the 'Submit a Ticket' button

Support Portal V2


3. Complete the support request form

Simply complete the support request form and click ‘submit’ to send it straight to our support team.


Once you have submitted your ticket, one of our friendly support team will get back to you based on the priority time.

  • High Priority – 8 hours or less
  • Medium Priority – 24 hours or less
  • Low Priority – 48 hours or less

Please note these times may vary based on the time and day your support ticket is submitted. Our normal support hours are between 9am and 6pm Monday to Friday.


Additional Information

You will receive an email both once you have submitted the ticket, and once one of our team replies to you. This will go straight to the email you entered when filling in the ticket form.

If you haven’t received an email please check your email is correct, check spam & if not contact us by submitting another one.


Top tips:
  • Before you submit a ticket, take a look at our help site for guides, FAQ’s and tutorials which may help solve your problem.
  • Source as much information as possible: The more we know the faster our response time.
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