The Growing Popularity of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has become more and more popular through recent years, with almost everyone now using some sort of cloud technology in everyday life whether it is for business or personal use.

We have created the infographic below from an article found on AccountingWeb which shows the growing popularity of cloud computing, and how more and more executives are committing to Software as a Service. The survey was completed by the AccountingWeb social media audience and uncovers the reality of cloud computing.



The research shows that 93% of executives are now adopting cloud technology and have already, or are likely to implement it within the next 5 years. The majority also saw cloud technology as a way to save money, and to be as safe and secure as any other computing option, showing the attitudes towards the cloud are changing.

In June 2015, AccountingWeb found 74% of executives used some kind of cloud based storage system, and this number is likely to have risen by the end of the year. From storing and sharing files and pictures to purchasing online and using apps, cloud technology has become a fundamental part of business and the popularity is sure to continue.

Read the full article here:


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Written by Lauren Witley

Hi I’m Lauren and I am the Marketing and Sales Coordinator at Data Clarity. I enjoy researching and writing about the latest marketing, social media and sales trends and creating infographics. In my spare time I like baking & photography! Find me on LinkedIn.




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